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Why You NEED a qEEG if Considering Psychiatric Medications
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Why You NEED a qEEG if Considering Psychiatric Medications

Why You NEED a qEEG if Considering Psychiatric Medications

Dr. Steven Rondeau, BCIA-EEG

Are you or someone you know currently taking or even thinking about taking psychiatric medications? If so then you definitely need to read this!

qEEG to determine psychiatric medicationsDid you know that currently there are no good lab tests that your doctor can use to know what psychiatric medications may work for you? Occasionally, there may be a questionnaire to fill out that may help narrow your diagnosis, however it doesn’t tell us anything about what your unique brain patterns would look like and how you might respond to treatment. For one person what may look like ADHD on paper may present like anxiety to someone else. You then take your anxiety medication and guess what… your symptoms worsen!

This can be even more complex when one person has multiple diagnoses. Statistically speaking, the more providers you see the more likely you are to end up with more than one label. For example, depression is often accompanied by anxiety. However in a qEEG, or brain map, they look completely opposite. Which means even if a medication helps one set of symptoms, its likely going to aggravate the other.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know this information beforehand? Perhaps save time and money guessing which will work. Maybe even rule out if medications would help at all! Or possibly see if your symptoms are not related to your brain patterns altogether, but rather lifestyle issues which require a totally different type of treatment.

Even if you are not currently being treated by our team, we are still able to do a qEEG with you. Afterwards, we send the report to your prescribing physician along with our suggestions or you have the option to meet with one of our prescribers. No referral is needed. If you have any questions please ask to set up a complimentary consult to see if you or someone you know may benefit from qEEG.

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