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Understanding EEG Brain Mapping
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Understanding EEG Brain Mapping

Understanding EEG Brain Mapping

What is an EEG Brain Map?

qEEG to determine psychiatric medicationsNeurofeedback is a process that involves feedback, hence the name.

The feedback comes in real-time, as the patient receives visual and possibly auditory information allowing them to adjust their internal state to optimize their brainwaves and “win” at the game they are playing. Feedback is also attained over longer periods of time, using something called an EEG brain map.

EEG brain mapping is the most easily accessible, cutting edge technology to assess what is happening in your most important organ, your brain.  Historically psychiatry has been a subjective field, with an assessment or diagnosis made by a doctor and based entirely on verbal input from the patient. This process is inexact at best, and can even lead to misdiagnosis and prescription of the wrong medications and treatments.

In no other specialty of medicine are treatments routinely given without diagnostic testing. Imagine going to your doctor and getting a medication prescribed because you BELIEVE you have high cholesterol. This doesn’t happen. With  new technologies available, there is no reason for this guesswork to be the standard in psychiatry.

With EEG brain mapping, your clinician will have objective data to determine which treatments to prescribe and even which treatments to avoid.

How Does EEG Brain Mapping Work?

The QEEG is a relatively quick and pain free process. During the assessment, an EEG cap is placed on the patient’s head and a recording of brainwave activity is conducted for 15-20 minutes. This quick in-office recording can generate nearly 300 pages of data about your brain!

EEG brain mapping will help clinicians identify:

  1. Areas of brain with too little activity
  2. Areas of brain with too much activity
  3. Medication classes that are most appropriate for your unique brain wave pattern
  4. Supplement recommendation that are most appropriate for your unique brain wave pattern
  5. Lifestyle recommendation based on your unique brain wave pattern
  6. Importantly, EEG mapping will identify mental health symptoms that may be not due abnormal brain patterns
  7. Personal strengths and unique learning styles

This data is then analyzed and reviewed by a board-certified clinician.  During your review appointment, you will be provided with a comprehensive report that summarizes your brain activity and its contribution to symptoms, along with supplement, medication and lifestyle suggestions.

The EEG brain map also acts as a baseline to determine your progress with neurofeedback. Clinicians can see the changes in your brainwaves over time, and these objective brain wave pattern changes will mirror the changes in symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

In the last decade the Wholeness Center has created the largest database of human brain patterns with responses to medications and natural substances (supplements and herbs). Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you will respond to a treatment BEFORE you start?

How to Get an EEG Brain Map

Contact us at the Wholeness Center to set up an appointment to have your brain waves measured with an EEG brain scan. This quick office visit will give us all the information about your brain we need to move forward with the neurofeedback process, as well as determine what other treatments and/or medications might help you.

Don’t delay- the health of your brain is absolutely crucial to moving forward with your journey of healing.

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