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Neurofeedback Resources

An overwhelming amount of evidence has started to accumulate to support what we have been observing in the clinic for years. Neurofeedback is a safe and effective treatment to help relieve symptoms of common conditions including ADHD and Seizures as well as many other issues.In fact in over 15 well designed studies, neurofeedback has been shown to reduce many symptoms associated with ADHD including impulsivity, hyperactivity and has even helped trainees improve their school test scores. Studies continue to be published on the use of neurofeedback with conditions such as Autism, Anxiety, Insomnia, Substance Abuse, Brain Injury, and Chronic Pain.

A great resource for the latest publications in the field of neurofeedback can be found on this webpage: http://www.isnr.net/resources/comprehensive-bibliography.cfm

Neurofeedback Articles by Dr. Steven Rondeau BCN-BCIA(EEG)

Neural Correlates of Violent Behavior: The Role of Anger and Other Psychiatric Disorders as Measured by Electroencelography
Neurobehavioral Changes Associated with Exposure to Cannabis: Insights from Encephalography
Screen Addiction Disorder: EEG-based Diagnostics and Trends In Therapeutics
Using Quantitative Electroencephalography to Predict and Monitoring Drug Treatment Response

Axon EEG Solutions

Axon EEG Solutions Website

Neurofeedback Videos

What is Neurofeedback?


Neurofeedback Session

EEG Recording- Quick and Painless


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