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Neurofeedback News- The Headlines from July 2017
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Neurofeedback News- The Headlines from July 2017

Neurofeedback News- The Headlines from July 2017

Neurofeedback has been in the news ever increasingly, with new applications for this ground- breaking therapy being discovered everyday. Here is our latest sum-up of the recent news.

Neurofeedback is Now Available in the Comfort of your own Home

Neurofeedback for your whole familyHave you thought about neurofeedback but couldn’t do it either because of time or because you couldn’t find a provider in your neighborhood?

How would you like to have access to the exact same gear as the Red Bull professional athletes and other professional and collegiate sports teams? We are extremely honored to be chosen as the only clinical site in the world to have access to this equipment! Now you and your loved ones can have access to cutting edge technology with the convenience of training at home or on the road as thousands of athletes are now doing?

At Synergy Neurofeedback in Fort Collins, Colorado, we have new equipment that makes at-home brain training a breeze. Call us at 1-970-221-1106 for more information, or visit our website page: https://synergyneurofeedback.com/neurofeedback-training-at-home/

Mobile Neurofeedback Training Enhances Archery Performance

neurofeedbck used to improve archery performanceNeurofeedback, also known as neurotherapy, is the process of visualizing real-time displays of brain activity, allowing archers to analyse their mind’s performance during shooting.

By using the application, the user learns how to reach the optimal state of mind and overcome issues such as target panic (a phenomenon of shooting wherein the body releases stress hormones in the presence of an archery or shooting target).

“I am always looking for anything that will give me an advantage. I’m a data geek by nature, having both a math and science degree, so I was very intrigued by the concept of neurofeedback software in archery,” said Crystal Gauvin.

Learn more about neurofeedback and archery performance

With Neurofeedback, Sleep better, have better focus and improve your problem solving

“By measuring the electrical activity of the brain (the health care provider) can identify strengths or weaknesses in (their patients’) day-to-day living,” said Sherlin, who has a PhD in sport psychology from Capella University. “The goal is to improve brain function to learn to calm down faster, focus better and lessen anxiety. Patients learn to better identify and self regulate in their environment.”

An earlier version of the neuro feedback product was first distributed in 2015 as a wellness device for traveling athletes through the Los Angeles-based company Neurotopia, doing business as SenseLabs. Sherlin was the co-founder and chief science officer, and then the CEO of SenseLabs.

He decided to get the rights to the product and branch off to start Neuro Therapeutics earlier this year to bring the O

Original article here.

To Sum up: It’s been a good month for neurofeedback. We look forward to bringing you more neurofeedback news as soon as possible.

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